Dress Memories

Yesterday when I was out shopping I went to my favorite vintage shop. I always go there to look for clothes and accessories to complement the boho look. Most of the clothes I find remind me somehow about my mother. My lovely dear mother. She could have worn all of these in my childhood.

There are several things from my mother’s wardrobe, which I would have loved to have inherit but most her stuff have been thrown out or recycled along the way. I can totally annoy you. I wish I could have gotten my hands on her pleated skirts, the high-waisted 80’s jeans.

But I also know you cannot hold on to everything. There will probably also be clothes from my wardrobe, which my children will be annoy that I have thrown out. I have already regretted that I sold my coral-colored Karen Millen dress several years ago. I had no money then and it had a boat cut and a big bow on the stomach. It was actually really nice. But it got a new owner and new parties to attend.

It often happens that I start to consider to get rid of some of my old party dresses, and even my wedding dress. But I can’t make myself get rid of any of them. They have the best memories! Dancing until 05.00 in the morning, big smile and sweat on the forehead, my husband swinging me around the dance floor. Am I the only one who is a dress collector? And maybe a little too attached to clothes?

I know it’s just clothes, dead things. But theses dresses have the best memories – so I love to buy vintage party dresses – think of the parties they’ve had before me! What a life my imagination can imagine. And I just fill in the memories, several good stories.

When they hang on the clothes rack at home, I remember good nights. That’s why most of them get to stay. I could easily end up having only party dresses in the closet because everything else is being sold on. But maybe it’s not too bad to only have the finest dress left. Although it becomes a bit inconvenient to ride around in a wedding dress and similar clothing! Speaking of which, I soon want to get into my evening dress again. Who’s having a party? Not that the dress lacks memories, but it can always get more!

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