Tips To Get The Right Boho Necklace For You

A Boho Necklace is a piece of jewelry that occurs in many different styles and materials. There is always a style for everyone because they are available in so many different variants. From thin chains with elegant pendants to slightly wider with a tough finish. Something for everyone no matter what style you have.

Because the material varies greatly, from gold, rose gold, steel and silver to beads and leather, there is a bohemian necklace that fits every look. A silver pendant gives a nice impression that suits everyday occasions while a necklace with rhinestones works well for parties.

If you are looking for a boho style necklace, you have come to the right place. Below we give you tips and advice about different materials, colors and features that make your choice a lot easier when you are buying your boho chic necklace.

Bohemian Necklaces And Chains

There are many ways to design a necklace, one of the most significant factors is the chain. There are several variants applied to different needs. Some examples include bead chain, curb chain and anchor chain. In a row, they can resemble each other, but the shape and size of the links are different.

Most often, the links consist of an oval or round shape that is flat and full. The links on a bead chain are moving the same applies to anchor chain while the curb chain is stiffer.

The figaro chain is classified more like a pattern than a type of link because it is made from many different links. Many small and fewer big rings form a neat necklace that is then fitted with a charm or other things that the jeweler considers fit.

Rope, snake and spiga/wheat chain belong to the more unusual varieties of jewelry, but have their charm just like the others. The spiga chain is difficult to describe but can be compared to braided wheat.

The snake chain is compact and round like a snake. You can find these in men’s jewelry shops, but of course women, men and other sexes can wear them. The rope chain is the simplest in its design and consists of lots of small balls that are linked to each other.

Boho Pendants And Charms

A charm or pendants is something that often occurs on boho necklaces. They are made in many materials such as gems, beads, glass, wood, metal, crystal and so on. In other words, you can find pendants of most material representing all possible motives. What is great about pendants is the possibility of replacing them. You can easily change your charm when you’re tired of the old one or want to match a specific piece of clothing or other boho jewelry.


Gold and silver are two materials that often used in jewelry. Necklaces are obviously present in these but also many other materials. A necklace in silver is usually much cheaper than one in gold but on the other hand more expensive than one in metal, if one looks at the general one.

Silver jewelry is much sought after perhaps because gold is quite sensitive material when compared to many others. Silver and gold compliments different colors of clothing and different skin types in their own way. A warm skin tone is very nice with gold jewelry while a cold skin tone fits perfectly with silver.

What bohemian style necklace you choose to buy, of course, you decide for yourself, there is no right or wrong.

How To Clean Your Boho Necklace

Even though necklaces and pendants rarely get as dirty as for example earrings and rings, it’s important to clean them occasionally. The recommendation is to clean your necklaces once a month if you use it daily. The cleaning method is the same as for many other types of jewelry: lukewarm water, detergent, a soft toothbrush, bowl and cloth.

Place the jewelry in the detergent mixture for a while and then scrub with the toothbrush. Rinse off and dry thoroughly with the cloth.

To keep your jewelry clean without defects, keep it in your jewelry box, a fabric bag or possibly the box it came in. When not used, your boho necklace are protected against scratches and dirt, and you’ll easily find them next time you want to wear it.

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